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Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor?

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Frazzlerock Tue 07-Jul-20 12:31:09

I will have a look at the Owlet too. I briefly glanced at it before.

Although just worked out the cost of full time childcare so we might not be getting either!

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Frankiebumpjourney Tue 07-Jul-20 11:59:12

I did consider the owlet too actually, but felt that Bluebell was more value for money in terms of the features you get! Guess its up to personal preference though smile

TeddyIsaHe Tue 07-Jul-20 10:14:52

After experiencing horrific postnatal anxiety revolving around with SIDS I’d pay literally anything to give myself peace of mine next time around.

My sister had the Owlet smart sock, which I prefer slightly because it’s completely out of the way of small hands. She really rated it.

Frankiebumpjourney Tue 07-Jul-20 10:11:08

I would say so yes. Its really helped me in terms of reducing my anxiety. It's also not just a monitor, it doubles up as a nightlight, speaker, white noise machine so feels like you are getting more for you money! Do you have a current monitor?

Frazzlerock Sat 04-Jul-20 09:24:08

Thanks @Frankiebumpjourney
Do you think it's worth spending all that money on it?

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Frankiebumpjourney Fri 03-Jul-20 14:50:08

I've bought it from Boots and I love it. I was a little sceptical at first due to not wanting to attach something to my little one, however it definitely does help with my anxiety quite a bit!

Frazzlerock Thu 02-Jul-20 15:39:41

It's a hefty price, but just wondered if any equally paranoid parents use this? And if you think it is worth it?

This is for our baby due in November after experiencing 4 losses so I am particularly paranoid about everything with this one! (my first two living children pre losses I was extremely laid back) Reviews on John Lewis website look very good but can't see much else about it.

I'd love to hear some reviews on here if poss. I trust my fellow MNers grin

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