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Audio vs Visual&audio

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havannah80 Thu 21-Dec-17 23:58:18

I don't want to seem silly but I'm not sure what kind of baby monitor to buy... I didn't really want to spend to much and I know you can get sound ones for about £20 (or even less) but would it be worth it to splash out extra for a visual one too? I'm not sure if the video will give me more peace of mind... what are people's thoughts? Does anyone know of any good value cheaper visual ones? Or really good audio ones? Thanks in advance 🙂

RedPandaMama Fri 22-Dec-17 00:01:37

I'm intrigued to know too. Baby is 4 months so getting ready to go into own bedroom and unsure which to buy.

havannah80 Fri 22-Dec-17 00:08:03

Redpanda I find all the visual ones I have seen have been £60+ and I just don't know if I can justify it

Bochdew Fri 22-Dec-17 00:15:10

I've got two children and only ever had audio monitors. When I heard them cry out I would go to them, I'm never entirely sure of the point of the video monitors other than sleeping children being cute to watch tbh...

Kimlek Fri 22-Dec-17 00:19:15

We had an audio visual one for our DD’s (14 years ago). My husband bought it - I wouldn’t have been so frivolous. She slept in the converted loft so it was fantastic to be able to see her when she was whingeing or making little noises. Going in to check would have disturbed her when she was only stirring. Was also very amusing when she was a toddler - sneaking out of bed at nap time to play with toys!

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