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Baby monitor with app

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QuestionARhino Fri 26-May-17 06:45:28

DP works long days and will be missing out on baby a lot so would like a baby monitor that also has app compatibility so he can check in on babe from his phone over wifi. I have no idea what to search for to look for this. If anyone has one, or has seen one, please let me know!!

Willing to pay a bit more on this provided it has other nifty features. Ideally one that is tried and tested! TIA!!

NKFell Wed 07-Jun-17 15:56:42

I love the Motorola MBP853 personally and that has an app as well as parent screen.

Aliveinwanderland Wed 07-Jun-17 16:00:31

We just use a bog standard webcam rather than baby monitor. It's a Motorola one and has an app.

CowParsleyNettle Wed 07-Jun-17 16:00:51

Could he FaceTime when the baby's awake?

I had a monitor with an app and it was rubbish, will try and found out the name of it but it was from Kiddicare.

QuestionARhino Wed 07-Jun-17 16:13:14

Thanks all!

FaceTime probably wouldn't work so well, knowing our luck he'd be too busy when baby's awake and then things will quieten down and baby will be asleep!

AnneKK Wed 19-Jul-17 08:59:15

I can recommend Baby Monitor 3G, it's a baby monitoring app so you can use your phone, tablet, laptop etc. and both parents may check on the baby too.

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