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video baby monitor with sensor pads or is that obsessive!?

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bradleybecky Tue 29-Nov-16 23:20:03

what do you think - any experience? If so - please recommend ones you think are worth getting. is it obsessive to have sensor pads? do they actually work with a chicco nexttome?

Ohb0llocks Tue 29-Nov-16 23:22:50

I used one when DS was in the same room.

frikadela01 Tue 29-Nov-16 23:27:19

I'm not sure why you'd need them if you're using the next to me.
A baby small enough to be in a next to me shouldn't be sleeping in the room alone, even for naps so you won't even need a monitor yet.

AnneKK Wed 19-Jul-17 09:08:48

Maybe check Baby Monitor 3G, it's an app so you can check on your baby through your phone and see the video as well. smile

Madonna9 Wed 19-Jul-17 14:52:32

I just read a review, it's for premature babies or babies with a health issue. Wouldn't you rather have a camera and trust that you DC will sleep sound? I'd go crazy with a baby monitor like that...

minerva85 Wed 19-Jul-17 15:04:16

We had a Next2Me and a baby monitor with sensor pads. I tried in vain to make it work in the Next2Me so that I could relax (whilst sleeping next to her btw) enough to close my eyes. It didn't work because of the base. When she eventually went into her own room at 6 months, we started using it. I would sit in the living room constantly looking for the flashing light to show she was moving, I barely relaxed. By 8 months she was rolling off it and it was going off all the time, 12 times in one night. But I found it really hard to "let go" by that point because I was dependent on seeing that flashing light! In all, unless you have a premature baby, or one with additional needs, I wouldn't bother. It was more stress than it was worth and in the end we only had about 8 weeks of decent use from it. My husband absolutely hated it from the beginning and it made me completely obsessive and over the top.

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