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Movement monitor - Tommee Tippee or Angelcare?

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April1984 Thu 23-Jul-15 06:16:22

Hi, I have been looking into sensor pad movement monitors. I want to buy one sooner rather than later as I'm abroad and would have to get it delivered/brought over.
I am certain I want a movement monitor for extra piece of mind due to the loss of my first baby. Any recommendations regarding Tommee Tippe or Angelcare? They seem to be the most popular.


quesadillas Thu 23-Jul-15 09:55:12

We used the Angelcare. It only ever went off falsely when we forgot to turn it off when lifting the baby out. Thankfully it never went off for real. Two years later we still use it without the movement mat as DS is now in a bed and moves around too much. I remember getting a good deal on it so it was about £60, so might be worth shopping round for it.

April1984 Thu 23-Jul-15 10:17:14

Thanks! That's a very good deal. I have only seen it for £180 but that's the video one (which we'd like as will be travelling a lot).

I've heard it only works if the bottom of the cot is flat? Aren't many cot bottoms slatted pieces of wood tho? Thanks

quesadillas Thu 23-Jul-15 10:51:59

We used it in our crib which had a solid bottom - by the time he moved to a bigger bed he moved around too much and the alarm would have forever been going off. I think the instructions said you could put a flat piece of wood under the mattress and that would work. And you can attach an extra pad if they're in a bigger bed and a bit more wriggly I think, although we never did this so not quite sure how that works.

April1984 Thu 23-Jul-15 11:23:06


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