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I can't vent my frustration for tommee tippee enough!!!!

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cait2695 Mon 05-Jan-15 21:47:55

I had a tommee tippee breast pump that broke on me in the middle of the night when my baby was 15 days old and when i emailed tommee tippee they wanted me to send it back to them and wait for 3-4 weeks while they fixed it with no other replacement in place!

not only that but the numbers on the closer to nature bottles have started to rub off and yet again they want me to send them back to them ... then when they have received them they will send me out some more. But now the vari-flow teats have all split open!

My tommee tipped monitor and sensor pad has now broke and guess what?! they want me to send that back and wait for 3-4 weeks for them to do the testing and fix it!

I wouldn't mind if i had done something wrong with any of their products but i hadn't! i had cleaned the bottles and breast pump properly and never put them in the dishwasher just in case and I only had the monitor and sensor pad about 2 months but had only used it for 6 weeks!

I have taken everything back to the shops i have bought them from and changed everything to different brands.

I just find it a joke that Tommee Tippee are prepared to have such unreliable products that are all related to babies and safety or feeding! They are so unhelpful when it comes to fixing the problems too!

my little one is only 18 weeks old and the only thing still working from tommee tippee is the steriliser (i hope i haven't jinxed it and that gives up on me too!)

Has anyone experienced anything like this with their products? or how unhelpful they are when it comes to fixing the problems with their products in the first place?

diddlediddledumpling Mon 05-Jan-15 22:13:00

I never had any problems, but I only used the closer to nature bottles/ milk dispensers/sippy cups, I think.

I'm a bit confused though, what response were you expecting when you contacted them for repairs? I know 3-4 weeks is a long time to be without pump/monitor, but it's hard to see how they could turn the whole collection/inspection/repair/redelivery process round much faster. and it sounds like the shop you bought them in were happy to exchange for new, which would have been my first port of call anyway.

diddlediddledumpling Mon 05-Jan-15 22:14:50

sorry, just realised our monitor was tt too. worked fine for all 3 babies (8 years later still working.)

cait2695 Tue 06-Jan-15 07:23:44

i was expecting them to say that they would fix the problem or give me a little more help than they did. Being a new first time mum without a breast pump would have been tough! They basically said that everything i have is fine when it clearly wasn't. I understand that 3-4 weeks is standard and they couldn't do it much faster, but what was i meant to do in the mean time? I was simply trying to raise awareness to them that the models i had were simply not working as they should. I had no problems with going back to the shop and getting them exchanged but its just so frustrating to have to pay for other brands of monitors, pumps and bottles when the ones i had should have lasted longer.

I was gonging to exchange the monitor for the other tommee tippee one with the camera but noticed there was a recall on that too due to a faulty wire!

I have just avoided all tommee tippee products now.

diddlediddledumpling Tue 06-Jan-15 17:49:32

I'm sure they don't like losing first time mums as customers, so it might be worth getting in touch again to tell them how disappointed you are in the brand.

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