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Tommee tippee monitor with sensor board

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kittygeorge Sat 16-Mar-13 19:59:26

I am looking to buy a second hand baby monitor to use in my house when my grandson who is 11 months old is staying over night with me. I am new to mumsnet and I do not know how to get into the for sale forum

BunnyGrumpy Tue 20-Nov-12 22:16:20

That all sounds really great, I can imagine getting addicted to it-I found it hard to turn off the normal sound monitor with our first daughter...I bet this will be even tricker! Thanks for the info :-)

cheekyginger Tue 20-Nov-12 20:36:05

I have the tommy tippee sensor monitor.

I really liked it as we put our DS in his own room at 10 weeks as he was so noisy. I was a bit nervous about doing this at such a young age.
We bought one of the sensor mats just for peace of mind. We had a couple of scares as he had moved right into the corner of his cot and therefore the alarm had went off. But otherwise i thought it was great. I bought mine second hand and it still worked a treat, so they seem fairly durable! smile
It also has a couple of settings so that you can make it more sensitive if your LO is a really quiet breather. Ours was always on the medium mode.

My only issue with it was being a bit too addicted, i found it hard to stop using it!!! grin

BunnyGrumpy Tue 20-Nov-12 19:43:31

Just wondered if anyone has one of the tommee tippee sensor monitors with a mat and how sensitive they are? Our daughter falls very deeply asleep and its hard to tell by sight or sound if she's breathing, we're considering getting a monitor with a movement sensor but aren't sure if they'll pick up such tiny movements?

Any advice would be great, or recommendations for other sensors with mats. Thank you :-)

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