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Baby monitor for town house

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ComradeJing Sat 26-May-12 16:29:23

We had the avent monitor for dd1 but it's started to die. It also only works on the floor above or floor below and we have a 4 story town house.

Our tv room is in the basement. Nursery is on the 2nd floor. Can anyone suggest something to get through all the concrete?

izz2009 Thu 31-May-12 14:52:34

Our friend has a big old 3 storey house and they used one of these (click here) and seemed happy with it.

However not sure how this (or any) would manage to the basement.

Perhaps get 2 sets of cheaper digital ones and put a baby unit with DS/DD, then the parent unit and another baby unit half way, then the other parent unit in the lounge. Then when it's time for bed you just grab the parent unit that you left half way. May have to play around with the channels a bit??

Good Luck Izz.

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