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cheap reliable baby monitor for 9 month old

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paranoid2android Tue 22-May-12 18:28:30

Hello I am looking to buy a baby monitor. I don't need anything fancy, my dd is now 9 months old, it's just so I can shut the door when she is sleeping, and still hear when she wakes up. We live in a small flat. Its just for daytime naps as we co-sleep at night, thanks!

paranoid2android Tue 22-May-12 18:29:07

sorry i meant to ask can someone recommend me one? cheers

PotteringAlong Tue 22-May-12 18:30:35

We've got a motorola one from asda - was cheap and cheerful but does the job and has a long range - to the bottom ofthe garden!

PotteringAlong Tue 22-May-12 18:31:58

it's this one!

We got it cheaper in a baby event so might be worth a look?

BBisTitanium Tue 22-May-12 18:32:11

I got a first response or something like that from toy r us when i decided to put away my angel care, it was about 30 works fine and only downside is needs to be plugged in or goes through batteries super quick! Avoid the summer ones had them about 4 days and gave up they were shocking!!

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