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Long distance baby monitor on budget?

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Iggly Sat 17-Mar-12 15:01:33

Can you get a travel cot and stick it closer to you?

That said I have a BT150 which works in our garden which is 50ft from the house through several thick brick walls (it's a Victorian house)

5babyangels Fri 16-Mar-12 21:09:44

Quite happy to get one off eBay to save a bit if money but need a baby monitor that will work effectively over 4 floors. We live in a town house, baby nursery right at the top, I quite often work in the garage 4 1/2 floors away. Need up know he's ok when I put him down for a nap and Shen he wakes up! Currently running up and down 3 flights like a yoyo!

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