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What makes a good baby monitor?

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nomoreminibreaks Wed 29-Feb-12 21:06:12

Sorry I probably made no sense. Ours makes all those noises too but I wish it didn't!

viagrafalls Wed 29-Feb-12 20:41:51

Well actually mini ours makes a noise when you plug it in/unplug/loses contact with the base unit and also it dispenses gold coins and champagne on ice when its batteries run down

nomoreminibreaks Wed 29-Feb-12 16:09:54

Viagra I think we might have the same one as you! I like all those features especially being able to play undercover cops plus it's good to have a belt hook on the back so it's easier to carry round. The only thing I would change is that it didn't make a noise when you turn it on or off or plug it in. Sometimes we're trying to sneak around the house!

viagrafalls Wed 29-Feb-12 16:04:25

Oh and it was a very generous gift from a friend!

viagrafalls Wed 29-Feb-12 16:04:03

Hello - we love our baby monitor for the following reasons -
1. The parent unit is detatchable and can be carried around the house/garden.
2. It has a mute button but lights up as well so I can see that she is crying even if I have turned off the sound can't hear her
3. I can press a button and it tells me the temp in her room
4. I can press a button and use it like a walkie talkie (Haven't actually used this yet except when me and OH are pretending to be undercover cops
5. I can press a button and a low light comes on the baby unit which was brilliant for night feeds

ProductDesigner Wed 29-Feb-12 00:06:30

Hi i'm a product designer currently designing a baby monitor and I would really appreciate your opinions on a couple of things:

- What features do you feel are most important?

- What problems (if any) did you have with your baby monitor?

- What made you pick your baby monitor?

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