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Advice on baby monitors

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DanJT Wed 15-Jun-11 14:09:26

Hi, Have a 7 month old son who is now ready to sleep in his own room at night. He sleeps in the cotbed during the day and is happy there, so I have no worries about that. However, I now want to get a suitable monitor and would be grateful for suggestions. We live in a flat so haven't had one up 'til now, as he's never more than a few paces away from us, rather than if we were in a house and he would sleep upstairs. Also, up until now he's slept over night in our room. I have a Gro-Egg, so don't necessarily need one with a light, or temperature and the room is next door to ours so hearing him is quite easy, it's mainly me being paranoid about not hearing him breathing. I've looked at the Tomy TSP500 Movement Sensor Pad Baby Monitor and wonder if anyone can recommend them ?
Thanks. :-)

MrsBradleyCooper Wed 15-Jun-11 18:16:44

We have a Philips one which is really good - it is digital and there is no hissing, crackling or interference.

My parents have a Tomy one which makes the most ridiculous amount of noise - I am glad we got a slightly more expensive one to avoid all that crackling.

The only thing about the sensor pad ones is that I've heard that they can be really sensitive so they may set off an alarm if your baby does something simple like turns over.

Hope that helps a bit.

DanJT Wed 15-Jun-11 21:11:28

Thanks, it does. Main reason for the Tomy choice was the sensor pad, not so much the price so will have a look at the Phillips one. Thanks again. smile

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