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Pls help - BT Digi baby monitor 150 not vibrating?

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Bumpsadaisie Wed 12-Jan-11 09:53:45

We've just bought a BT digital baby monitor 150, which generally is great. But the vibrate doesn't seem to work. Does the vibrate work on yours? Are we doing sth wrong maybe? We have def set it to "vibrate on".

There is the vaguest vibration but I think that is just the sound coming through the microphone - I was expecting it to vibrate like eg a phone in "silent" mode would.

Any tips gratefully received before we send it back. We particularly wanted a good vibrate function as I have a hearing loss and don't want to have it so loud that DH is deafened!

Bumps xx

rossetto Tue 22-Feb-11 02:04:26

Not sure if you have an answer yet. If not, I just read that to make the vibrate function work you have to press the down arrow (v) on the handset to reduce the volume all the way down to mute. Then the unit should beep and vibrate, but only if baby noise reaches 2 red bars on soundometer light display.

I still can't be sure as my wife and baby boy are asleep upstiars and making no sound, let alone enough to trigger the vibrate mode..

Some web pages suggest that this is an issue as you only hear loud cries? I've been thinking about it and maybe it would be too frequent if it vibrated at any sound as you'd forever be checking up on your little one. So, I see the vibrate function to be used only when you are in an environment that is inapropriate for listening to the clear sound link.

Hope this helps, as much as I hope my base unit vibrates in this mode

rossetto Tue 22-Feb-11 02:05:38

The vibrate fuction is not activated by pressing the 'Mute' button, only by decreasing the volume to Off

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