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Help w/Binatone digital monitor temp alarm

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Yankunian Sun 12-Dec-10 15:09:34

Hi, I am hoping someone on here has this monitor and can help us out. We recently bought the Binatone BM200 digital monitor on Ebay as a second monitor to use with our new baby. However, the seller didn't have the instruction manual (of course) so we have no idea how to disable the temperature alarm.

This alarm beeps if the temp in baby's room goes below 18 degrees. We live in a cold house and the beeping in the wee hours has been waking us up at night! Anyone have a clue how to turn it off? It's blue and white if that helps... many thanks!

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ruthykatiemum Wed 09-Feb-11 20:00:54

maybe you've figured this out (or thrown the unit out of the window - one night of it beeping at me drove me demented but my wonderful geeky hubby has just solved our problem!)

On the portable unit, press menu. then press the buttons on the left hand side (usually used to adjust the volume) until you get to the option for temperature. then press ok. Then use the down button on the side again to get to "temp alert" then press ok. then press ok again when it says "off?" and hey presto it stops driving you mental!

hope that helps

Helenrickards81 Fri 16-Jun-17 22:49:48

Any binatone bm200 for Sale please?

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