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Two way radios as monitors?

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Kinesin Tue 07-Dec-10 18:39:22

Has anyone tried a two way radio as a baby monitor.?

After a frustrating time with standard baby monitors (we had a tomee tipee digital one) we started using a two way radio which has a baby monitor function. These radios are the sort of thing skiers or motorcyclists use to keep in contact but some have a monitor function so they start transmitting if a voice (or squawk in our case) is heard in the room.

Now before the safety police get started we do not go very far away from the room where our son sleeps, just in the house or garden and we also use them on holiday so we could sit out in the evening.

They are cheap, robust and have a very good range. Unlike normal monitors they don't flash dramatic red lights every time our son rustles about in his cot and they take standard batteries which last for ages. If there is a downside it maybe that they are a bit under sensitive and only really alert you if there is crying volume not just grizzle.

We use a pair of radios made by Cobra but I know motorola make ones with a similar monitor function.

Does anyone else use these type of two way radio/monitor? We were going to buy some new ones since the old ones are a bit bashed about now,and wondered if the motorola radios were any good has anyone tried them?

I'd like to hear anyone elses experience with these radios. Thanks

ChippingIn Wed 08-Dec-10 04:37:45

Most of us grew up in a time before monitors were used and survived - I'm sure they will be fine if they have a setting for 'monitor' so that the baby doesn't have to push down a button before it cries into it grin

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