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Servicing an AngelCare

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SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Sun 17-Oct-10 00:36:35

I have an AngelCare wired cot monitor which needs a service before I put it up for sale but I can't find out where I can get it done or how much it will cost.
Has anyone had theirs serviced or repaired? if so, where and how much was it please?

Thank you!

seepinglumpymammaries Sun 17-Oct-10 09:04:47

I don't think that these cot monitors have any serviceable components to be honest. You may find a company who will service it but they probably won't do very much beyond cleaning it.

Is there a fault with the item or not?

SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Sun 17-Oct-10 12:09:35

When I was using it towards the end I became aware that I couldn't hear Dd, the sensor seems ok, but I wanted to check it before I sell it on.

seepinglumpymammaries Sun 17-Oct-10 18:13:56

I think either it works or it doesn't ...... these things don't tend to be economically mendable

SoloBlackWidowSpidersWebSite Sun 17-Oct-10 21:24:25

Bummer! thanks for your answer though!

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