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Tomy movement monitor pad

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fijamez Mon 13-Sep-10 20:19:10

Has anyone else tried this pad?

I bought it as I have the Tomy monitor which goes with it and it was fine when my son was still in a crib.

However yesterday I put him in the nursery for the first night on his own and it seems the monitor cant work through the thicker mattress (a standard M&P sprung mattress). Its fine when hes awake but once he drops off, the breathing movement seems not to register on the monitor resulting in lots of false alarms (and a very stressful first night for me)

Anyone else had this problem or a solution (have emailed Tomy but no response)

stinkypinky Mon 13-Sep-10 20:23:37

I have one at Grandparents house - in regular cot, and it works fine. It is on a piece of cardboard and this might be why.

fijamez Mon 13-Sep-10 20:43:15

Thanks - I have it on plyboard but perhaps my LO isnt breathing hard enough!!

stinkypinky Tue 14-Sep-10 08:25:54

How old / heavy is your LO? DD2 was 10lb 3 born, and in cot at 10 days old. I have an Angel monitor at home, and it has adjustable sensitivity, and is on the same mattress as yours, but still has a few false alarms - when baby moves off the pad. Maybe it is the mattress? Come to think of it, the Tomy is used with a foam mattress...

So long as you are sure they are false alarms, and not a physical problem, pester Tomy, or return it. IMO the Angel monitor is much better.

Hope you had a better night smile

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