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What do these blood test results mean?

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Lostintransfixation Thu 14-Nov-19 22:49:49

My dd8 had a blood test on Monday. The surgery have contacted me today and our gp wants to see her again. He also wants to repeat some blood tests. What does this sound like please?

TSH repeat in 3 months

SE thyroid peroxidase AB conc repeat in 6 weeks

Another test has been ordered based on these results. They have asked the lab to use the sample they have.

Dd is tonight complaining of a lump in her throat. She frequently feel sick (possible reflux), lots of fatigue.


FlipperSkipper Thu 14-Nov-19 22:53:09

TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone and the other is an antibody, so it looks like they’re testing for autoimmune thyroid disease, most likely hypothyroidism from what you’ve said. Do you know what the test results were?

Runbikeswim Thu 14-Nov-19 22:53:54

Investigating the thyroid. Might be under or overactive?

Lostintransfixation Thu 14-Nov-19 22:56:16

Thanks. I dont know the results only that they are re-testing these ones again in a few weeks. Is there a reason for this? She hated having the blood test..

I though the Thyroid peroxidase result was AB conc. Does that sound right?

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