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TSH levels + enlarged scalloped tongue

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loubieloo4 Sat 16-Nov-19 23:01:21

I can view my results online, everything was in range apart from my white blood cell and neutrophil count which were slightly under the lower end.
I don't sleep with my mouth open or snore too much!. I do wake up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth most mornings. It's beginning to drive me a bit crazy, I am aware of my tongue all the time and have to think about how I close my teeth and position my tongue.

Back to the drs next week I think

BlackInk Fri 15-Nov-19 12:11:37

It doesn't look like a happy tongue!

Can you get hold of your actual results? Sometimes they can be low in range and still causing symptoms.

Other causes of cracked, scalloped tongue include dehydration and snoring / sleep apnea (drying out the tongue) as well as anxiety causing jaw clenching, which presses the tongue into the roof of the mouth.

loubieloo4 Fri 15-Nov-19 00:14:37

This is my tongue currently

loubieloo4 Fri 15-Nov-19 00:12:49

And ferritin!

loubieloo4 Fri 15-Nov-19 00:12:22


They tested, iron, b12 and folate which were all fine.

BlackInk Thu 14-Nov-19 09:54:44


Did your GP test iron / ferritin too?

Swollen, cracked tongue can indicate iron anaemia as well as B12 / folate deficiency and thyroid problems. You could also ask for a full thyroid panel as THS alone isn't very helpful.

However, my GP completely dismissed my scalloped tongue. My tongue has recently got scalloped edges, although no cracking or obvious swelling. The scallops are teeth indentations, and my GP said it's just from subconsciously pressing the tongue into the roof of your mouth, often when sleeping. More common with snorers and mouth-breathers...

loubieloo4 Wed 13-Nov-19 23:03:49


I have a scolloped tongue that is slightly thicker than normal. my dr ordered bloods which have came back satisfactory.

They tested U & E, TSH, vit D, liver, bone & lipid, B12 & folate, Haemoglobin A1c, ESR and full blood count.

my white blood cell and neutrophil counts were was slightly elevated. I do have a few health problems that have been put down as a "connective tissue disorder" but unknown which! I have pain in my hands, elbows & hips constantly. My heart rate is always high, I'm tired all the time but suffer with insomnia, I have recently been tested for asthma or copd due to wheezing but the tests are inconclusive for either. I swing from being constipated to the other (had my gallbladder taken out so its put down to that).

My b12 was fine, well within range. However my TSH was 0.48 (range at my trust 0.4-4.0) I have read (Dr Google!) that a scalloped tongue can be a sign of hypothyroidism, but are they normally enlarge too?

I have been having problems for over 10 years, even with previous good tsh levels so I'm not convinced it's that 🤷🏼‍♀️ but the tongue and wheezing issues are fairly new, my tongue feels to big for my mouth and really bothers me when I'm trying to sleep.

I am worried about amyloidosis, I don't have health anxiety and don't normally think the worst.

Btw I am 40 years old

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