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Coeliac disease blood test confusion

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Nomorebread Mon 21-Oct-19 14:51:24

I’ve been having many digestive issues since removal of my gallbladder 2 years ago. They are becoming worse and much more frequent so finally went to the doctor and have been waiting for blood test results. Today the gp receptionist said all that was on the results was that the doctor had written ‘see me as planned’ (which isn’t until 6 November). She said it did not say whether it was positive or negative. I feel a bit in limbo now. I cannot eat without getting stomach cramps, constipation and have been on omeprazole for 3 weeks to keep the heart burn and reflux at bay. Should I just wait it out until my appointment? I would just have liked to know either way because if it was negative I was going to quit gluten to see if it makes any difference regardless. Would the doctor leave it over 2 weeks to tell me if it was positive or negative? Yes, I do have a bit of health anxiety, I just wondered if this was normal GP practice to leave patients in the dark!!

Nomorebread Mon 21-Oct-19 20:28:16

Anyone that’s been through the testing stage? I’m sure it’s nothing very serious or I would have been called but I’m still anxious!

MrsKCastle Thu 24-Oct-19 22:51:07

Can you ask the receptionist for a print out of the results? My doctor's surgery will do this. After all, it is your data that they have.

I would guess that 'see me as planned' means that the test came back negative, but that is pure speculation. I wouldn't go GF until you know for sure, because once you start a GF diet, if you then go back on gluten (as you would need to for further testing) the symptoms can get a lot worse. You probably already know, but it is possible to get a false negative.

Have you looked at the Coeliac UK website? That is really helpful, and there is also a good UK based FB group, 'Coeliac disease for beginners'. They can really help as you go through the diagnostic process.

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