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Being investigated for ibd could it be ibs

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Washingfordays Fri 11-Oct-19 15:16:53

Hey everyone, like the title says I am waiting to have a colonoscopy. Have been having bowel symptoms since June.
In June I had a week of nausea, I couldn’t eat. My mouth was covered in ulcers. I then got loose stools. I was in huge amounts of pain, going to the dr at least once a week till I was referred for a gastro review.
I am now getting loose stools (up to ten times a day) but can be none. Pain (not as severe) also lots of rectal mucus. This can smell fishy?
Would love just a bit of support, through lots of googling all of this can be ibs. I am worried that the colonoscopy I have booked (November) all inflammation will be gone. (All my pain is lower right sided)

IceAndASlice123 Sat 09-Nov-19 18:55:34

Do you have urgency? Any blood?
Have you been asked to do a calprotectin test? (Measures inflammation in the intestines through a stool sample.)
I have ulcerative colitis and my symptoms ranged from severe diarrhoea (in the night as well), rectal bleeding and mucus, stomach pain, rectal pain and vomiting.

Washingfordays Sat 16-Nov-19 20:52:29

Thanks for the reply, I had a colonoscopy in October , I have colitis.
I started on octasa, and prednisolone, had the worst side effects, so stopped both. Went back on octatsa, for a few days, no side effects, so now having rectal prednisolone. My symptoms are finally settling.
How do you find working? I have been struggling with fatigue, struggling with symptoms at work (the urgency, and pain) how do you cope with the medication

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