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Anybody or their child on Vedolizumab?

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cuddles37 Sat 14-Sep-19 22:48:07

Hello, my 14 year old daughter has been taken off Infliximab after being hospitalised for the past two weeks with a severe lung infection, testing for TB. Her consultant has told us that Vedolizumab is her final drug choice. Otherwise she will be having surgery. I am at my wit's end as she is so poorly. Any advice of any sort would be greatly appreciated.

Rosere Mon 16-Sep-19 02:47:56

My dad is on it since earlier this year with excellent effects. He had previous surgery, then oral meds with frequent steroids over the last 20 odd years. My brothers on inflixamab which really helped him. I hope your daughter is feeling better flowers

cuddles37 Tue 17-Sep-19 13:31:35

Thank you Rosere, that is most heartening to hear. I think it is only licenced for adults but my daughter has no other options. Think she is going home on no other immunosuppressants, just mesalazine, omeprezole, potassium, phosphate, vitamins and then starting Vedolizumab ASAP.

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