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Psychotic illness and SLE/Srogren’s/other

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GreenApplesBlueSky Thu 05-Sep-19 10:02:23

I posted in chat about this but realise maybe it would generate talk on here.

Have had a scary time of things and would like to hear from anyone with similar experiences.

Two weeks ago, I had a psychotic episode. A sudden bad feeling that my bf was involved in a protection racket/drugs ring/sex work. It ended in me believing and saying some awful things. I even ended up in a GUM clinic. I terminated my relationship with him, citing some reasons repeatedly over text. I thought he was going to get killed for being involved with me at the time. It was an extremely scary episode, as I also believed I was being recruited for military intelligence. None of this is true. For the record, I am a 44 yr old professional with 2 DCs, a friendly ex-h, with no history of MH issues.

I ended up on a psychiatric ward. The episode lasted a few days, I could not eat or sleep. Things are ok now I am out. I am doing all the right things - pushed up support network, taking medication, getting sleep. I am having this investigated as I have had other health problems: autoimmune system, some antibodies ANA and Rho came back positive during an earlier blood test and I have symptoms of Srogren's (sp?) disease. Bloods are inconsistent. Also I have a family history of various lymphoma-type cancers. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist.

I have been referred back to rheumatology & also I requested an MRI brain scan to rule out rumours.

Physically, things are ok although I have tingling down my left side of body, it feels like there is pressure on my brain, and I have cold feet & fatigue, aches and pains in left side hip, knee & ankle joints.

Mentally - fortunately, my kids seem to understand the illness & I could screen them from a lot of it. But my relationship has taken a huge bashing and I am very upset. There is a chance it will be ok. He is understanding and patient and kind, but it is hard for him to have heard the things he did from me, during illness. We are talking and working through it, but I am smarting. Feeling many emotions.

Did anyone else go through this? How did you cope with the aftermath?

I found a paper on first episode psychosis and SLE. I will post it separately, but i would value your stories..

GreenApplesBlueSky Thu 05-Sep-19 10:03:20

Paper here. I am like case study 3:

tryingtobebetterallthetime Fri 06-Sep-19 21:28:20

Were you taking any medicine, particularly prednisone, when the psychotic episodes started? Prednisone can definitely cause mental issues.

It sounds like you recovered very quickly, which is an excellent sign. Try to avoid excessive stress.

I hope you continue to recover.thanks

GreenApplesBlueSky Fri 06-Sep-19 23:13:52

Trying No, I wasn't taking anything. The rheumatologist had diagnosed fibromyalgia and although I had amitryptaline, I was managing the pain with ibuprofen. My family (medics) were not convinced by this diagnosis, and wonder if it is SLE. I have been referre back to the rheumatology dept and am having an MRI next week.

Yes, I hope the speedy recovery is sign that it won't happen again. Trying hard to stay stress free now! Thank you smile

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