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Any other hypothyroid mums?

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Victoria111 Mon 26-Aug-19 15:53:22

Hi ladies,
Any other mums who have dealt with mismanaged hypothyroidism during pregnancy?
Basically, I was diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism early this year (after birth of DC1). My GP was reluctant to medicate and I was only put on a proper dose once I became pregnant & my TSH immediately jumped to 5.2. I’m almost 10 weeks and despite raising my meds now, my levels have not yet fallen below the recommended 2.5 and my T4 is always in the lower third.

This whole condition has really cast a black cloud over my pregnancy and I’m finding the constant catch-up and urging to see specialists/ get blood tests quite exhausting; particularly as I don’t know if the baby is ok. I’m living in the Netherlands and they’re not so keen to medicate here so it’s been a true struggle.. I would love to hear your experiences- were you children ok after being under medicated in early pregnancy, or is anyone else navigating this in a current pregnancy? Feel very alone and concerned.

I do have my 10 week scan tomorrow afternoon so will hopefully feel a bit more reassured then.

Thanks so much,

Ratbagratty Mon 26-Aug-19 16:05:41

Not sure about how they go about it over where you are. My first pregnancy wasn't detected until 30 weeks, during that time I had had a thyroid blood test and they decreased my dose based on the results. Baby was early and tiny but ok.

Second pregnancy, I had one thyroid test each semester, which is the standard I'm told in the uk. It never changed. She was full term and healthy weight.

Someone else I know her medication got doubled during pregnancy as that is what she needed.

Unfortunately everyone is different, try to get a thyroid blood test each semester to keep on top of your levels.

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