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Help! MS symptoms?

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JayJay336 Wed 24-Jul-19 09:26:27

So I have Hashimotos and have been self treating for a few months due to a crap GP. I have a history of low B12 but allegedly no pernicious anaemia. My active B12 is fine atm but I have extremely low iron and vitamin D levels.

I've just been referred to a neurologist because since around May I've been getting some worrying symptoms. It started with burning feet which progressed to pins and needles in my soles. I was waking in the night with numb hands, which went away when I repeatedly formed a fist.
Now I have numbness from my right foot up past my knee, and my right arm feels weak. The arm thing started about 18 months ago and I put it down to using the computer mouse for long periods of time. I noticed when I was watching DS at his swimming lesson a few weeks ago, I was propping my chin on my right hand and my hand went trembly. Then in a shop I was dangling my car keys from my ring and little fingers and they started shaking uncontrollably.
I get a lot of pain in my left eye (all fine at an eye test in May), headaches and forgetfulness. I've been diagnosed in the past with CFS but knew the tiredness etc was thyroid related and finally got a diagnosis a couple of years ago.
I'm due a neurology consultation probably in late September. I have a six year old son and a great partner but we moved in 2017 to the Western Isles. There's no family support and the nearest big hospital is 3 hours away. I'm terrified I've got MS.
Any words of support or help would be hugely appreciated. My friends all live 'back home', 500 miles away. I tried MS helplines but they said they can't make a diagnosis and there are no support groups anywhere nearby.

thethoughtfox Wed 24-Jul-19 12:10:43

I'm so sorry. I have someone close with MS and all the symptoms sound like it. Look up optic neuritis. My friend had this as a first symptom and was taken in and put on a steroid drip for 3 days. I would go the hospital. If you are having an attack, it might need treatment.

JayJay336 Wed 24-Jul-19 13:12:25

Oh no! I'm not sure what to do as the nearest hospital isn't a very big one. I don't know if they'd be able to help?

AForest Sun 28-Jul-19 22:22:55

Hi, I have very similar symptoms and all my blood tests are normal for everything. I too am terrified it is MS. I am waiting to see a neurologist in Sept. My leg and arm symptoms are getting progressively worse, as is the fatigue. It is affecting my ability to work. Bearing in mind I was an active person who could run 13 plus miles and mountain bike 40 miles, struggling to walk any distance is a massive change, but I cannot get my GP to listen to refer me any quicker. I too have very little RL support, so offering a handhold flowers

JayJay336 Mon 29-Jul-19 09:25:17

Thank you! I'm feeling really desperate at the moment. Another sleepless night due to the constant twitching and numbness. My left hand is getting a bit of a tremor on occasion now as well. My doctor (I phoned her again last week) said she can't do anything as I'm still 'functioning'. I'm really worried this is a progressive form of MS and I won't be seen for at least two more months yet. Realistically we need to get the house sellable and move back down south to be near friends, family and decent healthcare. The thought of being here and not being able to drive doesn't even bear thinking about.
Thanks so much for your message. My partner works 22 miles away and there's nobody to talk to.
I hope you're faring a bit better! flowers

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