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A question for those who take Hydroxychloroquine

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Missingmemarbles Thu 18-Jul-19 20:58:39

Been on it for about a month and for the past week I've got terrible sores in my mouth and on my tongue. My gums are agony. As soon as one part starts healing, another sore area arrives. Do you know if this is a side effect? Not sure what to do, trying to ride it out but it's so painful, it feels like all my mouth is burnt. Thank you.

Pipdismay Thu 18-Jul-19 23:01:51

Yes I had that plus bleeding gums. I also had loads of other side effects so after about 6 months they had to take me off it and I changed to sulfasalazine.

Are you on methotrexate too? If so, you need to take folic acid. I had to increase that to 6 days a week which also helped.

Missingmemarbles Fri 19-Jul-19 07:01:43

Hi Pip. Thank you for the response. So, the side affects didn't settle for you? I'm only on hydroxy. I take it for Sjogren's. Think I'll give it a few days and consider calling my consultant. It's so frustrating!

FuzzyPuffling Fri 19-Jul-19 16:30:09

That sounds horrible. None of the information I've been given seems to address the side effects much. I'm currently resisting my consultant's attempts to get my on hydroxy as I am just not sure about it.

Hope your mouth sores clear up soon.

domton Fri 19-Jul-19 19:53:14

Is it the quinoric brand?

Missingmemarbles Fri 19-Jul-19 21:39:55

Thank you @FuzzyPuffling.
Yes @domton how did you know? Mouths still burning and painful. If no better by Monday I may have to stop taking it.

domton Fri 19-Jul-19 22:11:00

Quinoric is harsh. So harsh. Generally, the consensus seems to be, that for those with lupus at least, Zentiva or blackrock is much more tolerable, then Bristol labs. Sjorgen's is often a bedfellow with lupus, so maybe you'd react similarly?

Quinoric made me feel awful so I stopped taking it until I refilled my prescription and got a different brand. You've done well to stick it for so long! Don't give up, it's worked well for me, but not blinking quinoric. That made me feel like I was going to die! Try a different brand? X

Missingmemarbles Sat 20-Jul-19 03:44:38

@domton thank you. I'll explore changing brand. My consultant gave me a 3 month prescription which is annoying. Thanks for the suggestion and advice.

Stillamum3 Fri 26-Jul-19 01:11:18

In the meantime, try rinsing several times a day with salty water. It might help with the soreness. Best of luck!

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