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Tsh is now normal

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Gamorasgran Wed 10-Jul-19 09:15:34

My gp did a standard tsh in January as part of other tests which came back raised (4.5ish I recall). I was retested 3 months later including anti bodies - tsh had gone up and anti bodies were raised.

Repeat test this week and apparently everything is normal again.

I do have some symptoms- cold, easy to gain weight, dry skin etc but nothing major. My gp clearly not interested although I do have an appointment at the end of August to discuss.

I'm not sure if I just leave it or get some private blood tests done. I know it will be a battle to medicate but I'm not sure it's worth having if I don't feel that bad?

Rachelover40 Wed 10-Jul-19 09:53:49

4.5 is very slightly above the 'normal' range (max 4.0), but it depends on the individual and your GP thinks it is OK for you. You either take their word for it or have the tests done again privately but, again, the result will need to be reviewed by a doctor which would involve you either going back to your GP or seeing a consultant privately.

If you did have a private consultation, he or she would send your GP a report, saying what treatment, if any, is indicated. You wouldn't have to stay private.

Sometimes it's worth getting the ball rolling privately and then changing to NHS if necessary but at the very least, you would have reassurance. However your thyroid activity may change in the future. It's probable your GP believes you are alright and need no treatment 'for now' but will monitor you.

I know a bit about thyroid problems because my husband, mother in law, his maternal grandmother, uncle and his cousin all had over active thyroids manifesting in goitres which were removed. Yours of course gives the indication of an under active thyroid.

I hope all goes well, Gamorasgran.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 16-Jul-19 14:48:25

It's worth asking to be monitored esp if antibodies were raised and if you develop new or worsening symptoms.

They do respond to fluctuations and can settle but antibodies can be indicative of the potential for issues in the future.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 16-Jul-19 14:49:49

Make sure you have good levels of iron, selenium iodine and vit d as all these support thyroid function / levels etc. A basic RDA multivitamin plus good diet.

CrunchyCarrot Thu 25-Jul-19 05:30:08

Antibodies can and do go up and down as can TSH depending on whether your thyroid is currently 'under attack' or not. A TSH of 4.5 is very definitely too high (the upper range limit in the UK is ridiculous). Always be sure to get your blood tests done early in the morning as that's when TSH is highest (it has a diurnal cycle). You may have fluctuations in your symptoms but you're already showing signs of being hypo. You'll need to test regularly but don't be fobbed off by being told you're 'normal' if you feel poorly.

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