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Scared again, flex sig tomorrow

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tryingtobebetterallthetime Thu 27-Jun-19 04:41:15


I have ulcerative colitis. Have had for more than 35 years. Tomorrow morning flex sig I am told to see if Entyvio is working. I hate them.

This is crazy but I am, again, very anxious. Seriously, it should be no big deal. I told them this time I want some sedation. Frankly, the last three hurt. Not unbearable, but enough to make me dread.

I guess I just seek some support. My family sort of get it but they don't have tubes stuck up you know where every six months.

Am I a huge wimp?

Idontwanttotalk Thu 27-Jun-19 18:21:12

You aren't a wimp. I'm not surprised you feel anxious if it has always been painful. I dread cervical smears because of the pain so put them off.

I hope the sedation helps you through it. It's often the thought of it that makes it worse.

Keeping my fingers crossed for

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