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Sun protective clothing?

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domton Sun 09-Jun-19 20:22:24

Hi. Does anyone use any sun protective clothing? The are a few brands out there, but just wanted some recommendations/experiences if possible... they are potentially expensive, so hating people's real experiences of them is a bonus.

I'm looking for a upf of 50 or more, I'm a size 18 (relevant if some companies offer only small sizes. )

Any experiences welcomed. Thank you.

Posted in chat too, but no reply.

AlannaOfTrebond Thu 13-Jun-19 19:44:02

Hi domton,

I've just got a few tops from Solbari, an Aussie brand which is certified UPF50.

They seem to do two main types of fabric, Sensitive which is a bamboo cotton mix and Active which is synthetic. The active was a bit too shiny for me, but the two long sleeved polos I got in the sensitive fabric feel lovely.

I also got a pair of their sleeves, basically full arm length fingerless gloves to keep in the car so that if I am wearing short sleeves and I want the windows open I can just pull them on.

Also ordered a pair of Coolibar weekend pants, haven't worn them yet but the fabric feels very soft and like it should be quite cool in the heat.

Haven't had a chance to wash any of them yet, so can't report on that. In terms of sizing I'm a 12-14 and the medium in Solbari and Coolibar fits me well, so you'll have no problem in either brand.

Finally I have a Craghoppers shirt, might not be the most stylish of objects, but if you are going for the aussie gold prospector chic look it's fine. Really cool in the heat and has had a thorough testing gardening and hot weather hiking.

domton Sat 15-Jun-19 10:39:59

Oh Fab. You are a star 🌟. Thanks for that, I'll have a look tonight when I have a couple hours spare.

Thanks very much. I didn't know whether they were worth the money so first hand experience really helps. Thanks for taking the time to reply smile

AlannaOfTrebond Sat 29-Jun-19 20:54:35

Hello again domton,

I have another suggestion for you. These Craghoppers Clara trousers.

The picture on the website doesn't really sell them, but they don't look outdoorsy at all, just like a casual pair of chinos, (especially if you roll the ankle up a bit). I have been running around in them all day at a party I was hosting and they were totally comfortable. I didn't miss my shorts at all, even in this heat. All in all, top marks for looks, comfort and price.

domton Sun 07-Jul-19 02:08:21

They look Fab. And if you've been wearing them all day that speaks volume for comfort. I'm ordering now. Thank you smile

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