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Trouble with balance and numbness

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PenguinsRabbits Sat 08-Jun-19 19:15:42

Not sure if anyone has had anything similar.

Three weeks ago I suddenly couldn't move or talk for 10 minutes or so but still conscious. Since then had tingling / burning in left arm and both arms go dead very easily and fingertips on both hands completely numb. In hospital CT scan without constant was clear, ECG fine, bloods fine, blood pressure fine. Failed lots of neurological tests for balance but have been like that for 2 years now and rarely leave home because of it. When I do people always offer to help me walk. Hospital said either a tumour or psychological and have MRI looming but booked as non-urgent. Get blurred visions. Tests showed one sided weakness.

Quite a few other symptoms but wondered if anyone found out what it is. Very first thing was sudden bladder incontinence for no apparent reason. At the moment I find it hard to stand due to lower back but that's new. Feels like I am getting electric shocks all time in arms and shoulder.

FieryBiscuits14 Sun 09-Jun-19 18:22:41

I think an MRI is a good starting point for diagnosis. Also maybe blood tests to rule out deficiencies etc. My symptoms are not the same as yours but I have heard of similar. I'm currently semi diagnosed with MS.
This period of limbo is the worst so try not to Google etc which I know is easier sßd than done.
Do you have a good GP?

Jengacritical Sun 09-Jun-19 18:26:43

Worth checking for a b12 deficiency, that can cause these symptoms. Ask your GP for a blood test.

thethoughtfox Sun 09-Jun-19 18:32:53

Sounds like MS.

PenguinsRabbits Sun 09-Jun-19 18:40:52

Thanks very much. Had a fair amount of blood tests and vitamin levels fine though not sure exactly what vitamins tested. Have sometimes come back anaemic but it was only just and corrected with liquid iron supplements and symptoms apart from some of the aches continued. I assume that was magnesium that stopped that as it worked straightaway. I probably will try vitamins again whilst wait for MRI and just see what it says.

Have moved areas and not been to GP here yet, old one was very keen on sending me for cancer tests but they were all negative (mainly due to lots of odd bleeding). FBC normal, blood sugar normal. Had fibroids op. Did find ovarian cyst and enlarged adrenal gland. Hormone and Lyme tests were lost, rest normal except kidney issues once and anaemia once both which reverted later. Hospital was pretty thorough - ECG normal, failed Rhomberg, weakness on all of right side and one eye, failed balance test but bloods normal and low blood pressure.

PenguinsRabbits Thu 13-Jun-19 00:52:53

Had MRI date through now for 24 June so that's great - its just brain but good start.

PenguinsRabbits Wed 03-Jul-19 14:56:18

Got basic MRI results back now - just shows scattered white matter on brain and they are signing me off as say that's not treatable but no tumour etc at least.

Jux Mon 29-Jul-19 21:27:04

Glad it's not a tumour!

Shocked that they've just signed you off "because that's not treatable" when you have quite severe symptoms.

Get to a GP and push hard. Those symptoms do sound like ms, and there are many treatments to help.

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