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Coeliac disease and big belly!

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cathycassidy Tue 18-Jun-19 16:12:31

My mother is a celiac and has always struggled with a large belly. She exercises a lot, eats well and is otherwise in excellent shape for her age (very toned arms and legs).

She is thinking of getting cool sculpting / fat freezing

Gerbi1 Tue 18-Jun-19 16:03:23

My belly deflated when I stopped eating carbs. I’m not diagnosed celiac but I might be (just being tested)

HolyMolyMacaroni Tue 04-Jun-19 10:28:29

For the past few years, no matter how hard I've tried, I cannot get rid of my large midriff.

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease last week... I'm wondering if the two could have any correlation?
Did anyone else find their belly fat was impossible to shift before changing to the gluten free diet?

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