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GP suspects I have an autoimmune disease

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FoddyWaddle Fri 02-Feb-18 22:58:06

I recently spoke to my GP about a few symptoms that are starting to impact my life. GP has asked for a lot of blood tests and I am waiting for the results. I have beem trying to look online to see if any of the diagnoses fit my symptoms. So I thought id ask the real experts. So this is my symptom list
1.Exhaustion to the point that some days I am asleep more than awake.
2. Lower back pain that is worse at night.
3. My body hurts kind of like having the flu
4. Pain and stiffness in hands/feet, this is made worse by the cold and i get shootimg pains on type of a ge eral ache.
5. Being touched hurts but not all the time.
6. I suffer with a lot of headaches
7. Bloating, I have had a hysterectomy but I am on HRT.

I am nearly 30 but have a complicated gyne history. I also suffer with seriously low blood pressure and i am under a cardiologist.

Huldas Mon 12-Feb-18 08:26:19

You’re not on lamisil are you? I have just taken myself off of lamisil (terbanafine) because of these exact symptoms. Pretty sure lamisil was causing it. Much better 3 days since my last dose.

Catrina1234 Fri 13-Apr-18 20:30:56

It doesn't sound to me like the OP is on anything as it's very early days, with her GP thinking she has Auto-immune disease. Also I think we shouldn't be telling people what effects a certain drug has had on us because it might act very differently on someone else. Also I think discontinuation of any drug should be in consultation with a GP or other medic. "Taking ourself off things" can cause more trouble in the long run as I know to my cost.

Lima1 Wed 09-May-18 13:43:14

Hi OP have a similar list of symptoms and also waiting on blood results for autoimmune disease, specifically psoriatic arthritis.

How did you get on?

BARNSTOBS Sun 20-May-18 18:55:35

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

DuchyDuke Sun 20-May-18 19:03:47

Might be fibro but you won’t get a diagnosis until
all other illness have been excluded.

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