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If you have an autoimmune condition, have you gone on to develop any others?

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HouseOfMinnie Tue 28-Nov-17 16:40:53

Today, the GP told me that people who have an autoimmune condition often go on to develop other autoimmune conditions. Has anyone here experienced that?

My health recently has been poor. I’ve been suffering from CSU (chronic spontaneous urticaria) for a very long time but they’re testing for other things now and I suppose I’m just feeling scared and worried about my future if I’m to develop more conditions? Life at the moment is a bit of a battle. Constantly swelling up and being covered in hives is draining and it’s getting me down. I’m just wondering what other people with autoimmune conditions have experienced and if you have developed others? Thank you.

MissConductUS Tue 28-Nov-17 16:45:09

What the doc told you is true, but it's also true that people often don't go on to develop other immune system conditions. I've had one (ulcerative colitis) for 14 years and never developed another.

MollyHuaCha Tue 28-Nov-17 16:57:33

Sadly it's true for me. I started with one in my teens. Now I have a small (growing) collection.

On the plus side. Sometimes the medication to treat one of the conditions also helps the others.

That's a sort of plus, right? hmm

hevonbu Wed 29-Nov-17 05:29:26


Have you looked over your food intake (type of food)? I'm doing it now. Here's someone's blog, scroll down, there's a good picture a bit down on the page, under the heading "In summary, the rules of what to eat are:" (

hevonbu Wed 29-Nov-17 05:42:27

As a side note back in 2003 or thereabouts I suddenly found myself covered in hives from head to toe. I was stressing out over a planned trip to London and suddenly was covered in hives to the point I had to go to the hospital (instead of London), got an antihistamine injection, the trip was abruptly cancelled naturally - and the hives have so far never returned. I read an article about "Chronic idiopathic urticaria and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): an under-recognized comorbidity." - and think that's what happened or something along those lines anyway, it was clearly stress-related and as soon as the stressor (the trip) was removed, so were the urticaria.

Bostin Wed 29-Nov-17 05:46:12

I have 2 but they came together and I think there is some debate about whether they are part of the same condition or separate.

I worry like you but hope I am one of the lucky ones. I also hope good diet and exercise will help.

Bostin Wed 29-Nov-17 05:46:31

And stress is definitely to be avoided!

Bellamuerte Fri 01-Dec-17 10:11:47

I started with coeliac disease and subsequently developed psoriasis, which has got worse as the years have passed. Basically a faulty immune system can result in a number of autoimmune disorders which emerge and worsen as time passes. But nobody can tell you what will happen in your specific case.

Kentnurse2015 Fri 01-Dec-17 10:18:57

Blimey! I have been struggling with urticaria for a good couple of months now and didn't even realise this was a thing! I have Lupus and have developed hypothyroidism so I guess I am susceptible to autoimmune issues!

misshannah Thu 14-Dec-17 10:06:51

I have had psoriasis since I was 11 (hereditary) and was recently diagnosed with M.E./CFS. I was told unless I watch what i am doing i will develop Fibromyalgia and possibly others autoimmune conditions.

SweetieBaby Fri 15-Dec-17 08:44:03

I have crohns disease and have now developed enteropathic arthritis.

Babyisinthecorner Fri 22-Dec-17 22:06:24


Plantaar Fasciitis


Condochronitis (genuinely feels like how I expect a heart attack to be)

Joint Impingement


Restricted limb movements





It's crap sad No pun intended.

Ollivander84 Wed 27-Dec-17 23:46:04

Yes. I've asked for a referral to an immunologist

Started with
Cholinergic urticaria (age 12)
Hidradenitis supprativa (age 12)
Vitiligo (age 31)
Autoimmune neutropenia (diagnosed age 31 but they reckon I've had it since about 23)

mumof06darlings Sat 30-Dec-17 15:16:11

I have hypothyroidism and seem to be developing psoriasis

mumof06darlings Sat 30-Dec-17 15:17:34

And I'm been watched for haemocrotasis

ArkAtEee Sun 31-Dec-17 17:02:33

Yep. Developed Crohn's disease at 16-17 and type 1 diabetes at 31. And various other minor things. I'm on immunosuppressants for the Crohn's now so am hoping I won't develop any more!

HippieGoth91 Sun 31-Dec-17 17:48:06

Yes. Autoimmune arthritis diagnosed at 23, secondary autoimmune lung disease diagnosed at 25. Now have suspected IBD.

MsHomeSlice Sun 31-Dec-17 17:57:16

Gestational diabetes, Hashimoto's, random hives so far!

RueDeWakening Sun 31-Dec-17 18:50:13


Type 1 diabetes age 9.
Psoriasis age 14.
MS age 33.

That's it so far (I think!) but my mum and sister both have hypothyroidism so I suspect that might be in my future at some point.

mullmepopcorn Sun 31-Dec-17 19:13:38

Yes, but you may not get anything seriously. I've mild asthma, eczema, ibs, hypothyroidism but none of them cause many problems. They tend to flare up one at a time.

Bouncygirl Sun 07-Jan-18 12:34:14

Oh yes. Started with Bile Acid Malabsorption syndrome in 2005, then developed Sjogrens syndrome and Lupus in 2012 and was then diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2016. Have now been told I also have vasculitis.

RaindropsAndSparkles Sun 07-Jan-18 12:39:48

Good news. Hyperthyroid then Hypothyroid since 1990. Nothing else for almost 30 years. Hope i haven't jinxed it.

Ooh, i once had a massive hive outbreak in the 80s, started the night i moved house and lasted for three days. Awful. Didn't occur to me to go to the dr though.

picklemepopcorn Sun 07-Jan-18 13:40:33

I used to get hilarious hives. My driv8ng examiner was extraordinarily nice to me after my exam- really over the top nice. When I looked in the mirror, I realised why- red and white lumps and blotches all over my face and neck.

raspberrysuicide Tue 16-Jan-18 19:39:56

Transverse Myelitis in 2010 and Alopecia Universalis in 2014 both autoimmune

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