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Worried about my sister

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sighbynight Wed 18-Oct-17 22:20:22

My sister is 42 and lives a pretty healthy lifestyle. But since the age of 23 she’s been dogged by ill health. She has had thyroid cancer - two different types of tumour, thyroid removed age 27. Her kidneys are failing (this is definitely an autoimmune condition) and she is on an experimental dose of anti rejection drugs. And now, most recently, it would appear she has type 1 diabetes.

This seems like too much bad luck for one person. She hasn’t been seen by an immunologist, but to my lay persons view that sounds like a heavy loading of autoimmune conditions.

What should she be pushing for, in terms of consultation? Or can anyone recommend an advice source that might help her. I’m so very worried about her. It just doesn’t seem fair. sad

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