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Thyroid, heart problems, any ideas ?!

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grimeofthecentury Mon 16-Oct-17 14:29:51

I've posted this in General Health also, hope that's OK.


I have recently been having trouble with my heart rate. It's rarely below 90bpm even when lying down chilling in front of the tv for hours at a time. Last time I was at Drs it was 155 after driving a short distance, walking up steps and sitting down for fifteen minutes waiting in the waiting room.

I also have periods of fairly high blood pressure. It is never low but is normal sometimes also - I used to a few years ago be told all the time what low blood pressure i had like it was a good thing. (at pill checks etc)

In the middle of all this I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid and started thyroxine. The gp was confused as she said normally hypothyroidism causes SLOW heart rate. Not fast like mine is.

I was sent for a 24 hr holter monitor. The consultant has reviewed the results and said my heart on average is too fast. Nothing urgent or massively panicking but abnormally fast.

They have referred me to the bigger hospital for an Endocrine appt with a specialist. I was expecting a referral to Cardiology??

Does anyone know what this might be? Do you think they'll take me off the thyroxine as it increases your heart rate?

I've also been told the referral might take a little while as NHS so busy which I totally understand. In the mean time I don't feel comfortable going for a run etc, exercising as usual. I've been walking the dogs and doing some swimming and yoga but I ran for about 4 minutes a couple of weeks ago and my heart rate on the treadmill said 185bpm quite quickly and took ages to go back to normal. I worry I could pass out or my heart rate could go bonkers but I also don't want to seem like a drama queen and put my life on hold.

Just to add I don't feel panicked or anything when my heart rate increases and I can only sometimes "feel" it pumping in my chest/throat. Not like palpitations really.

I'm in my mid twenties, slim and normally healthy.

Any advice would be welcomed!

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