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Humira during pregnancy, delays baby's vaccinations

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LadyoftheLake123 Sun 23-Jul-17 07:02:58

I take Humira for Crohn's disease, and am 28 weeks pregnant. My consultant (who I trust entirely) has advised me to carry on with the Humira right up to birth, even though it is contraindicated in third trimester. Rationale being that it is more risky for the baby if I get ill than the risk of some of the medication crossing placenta. But this means some of baby's vaccinations will need to be delayed by a few months.

Feel ok about this but just wondered if anyone had any experience, especially of the delayed vaccinations for baby afterwards (for whatever reason). Don't want him to get poorly!

Thanks x

MollyHuaCha Sun 23-Jul-17 21:28:07

Hi Ladyofthelake, hope all those pregnancy hormones are helping you to feel well. I think herd immunity will help to keep your LO safe. No experience of delayed immunization, but I took medication for Crohn's throughout my pregnancies. So important for mum to be to stay healthy. Take care of yourself and enjoy your plans for your new arrival. bear

wonkylegs Sun 06-Aug-17 23:26:24

I am on Humira for RA and was advised I could stay on It throughout pregnancy if needed ( I actually just about managed on steroids alone in the end but I'm a stubborn fool and this was my second pregnancy and I had no option to do without on my first), my specialist nurse had 3 other patients at that time who had taken it throughout pregnancy with no problems and he had a handful of previous patients who had all also been fine.
He said that the guidance was forever changing however as you cannot ethically do trials on pregnant women and only do follow up studies, data was limited but so far risks were minimal.
I went back on mine straight after birth and will be going back on MTx to support it (works so much better in combo for me) as soon as I can get this baby to kick the BF habit.
I thought that this was quite a good info page
Good luck

LadyoftheLake123 Mon 07-Aug-17 08:35:07

Thank you, both! This is really helpful info. I'm happy carrying on with the Humira as I'm pretty sure I'd flare without it (bad for baby and for me) but I was a bit worried about delaying the vaccines. From the info sheet you shared though wonky it sounds like only live vaccines need to be delayed (which I guess makes sense) and I think most of the early ones are not live... will check with my consultant at next appt smile And as you say Holly this is where herd immunity is a really great thing. Thanks for your advice both and wishing you happiness and health x

LadyoftheLake123 Mon 07-Aug-17 08:36:22

Oops sorry Molly not Holly! x

wonkylegs Tue 08-Aug-17 13:21:35

As a thought to tuck away in your mind for later and to ask your consultant about - I've had both my kids immunised with the chicken pox jab (at one yrs) on the NHS as I am considered at risk as I am on immuno-suppression so it reduces the risk of me coming contact. Guidance here
I don't have immunity though (I catch it every time I'm in contact, it's really horrible and dangerous as an immune compromised adult ) probably due to this dodgy immune system & the drugs.
It isn't always easy to get and gps often argue that you aren't eligible, I had to get my consultant to write and they still argued (but my gps are awful at the best of times) but it's worth pursuing + bonus your kids are protected

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