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Positive for thyroid antibodies but normal TSH

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FrayedHem Tue 27-Jun-17 12:57:18

Had blood tests as I have been feeling dreadful (very lethargic, struggling to lose weight, brain fog etc). As have family history on my mum's side of thyroid problems, the GP requested antibody test as well as TSH and has come back normal for TSH (wouldn't give level) and positive for antibodies. GP said this means I will likely develop thyroid problems but for now it is just something to monitor as my TSH is normal. Vitamin D was a bit low at 39 but had increased compared to 2 years ago when it was 16 (was given a 6 month course of Vit D). Also slightly anaemic so have both Vit D and Iron.

To get to my actual question(!) if I went privately to get T3 and T4 tested, if they did come back out of range/abnormal, would the GP do anything? I'm happy to pay for the blood tests, but it seems a bit pointless if it's only the TSH that really matters for medication.

Pleasemrstweedie Tue 27-Jun-17 13:38:42

You might want to ask for this post to be moved to the Autoimmune board.

In the meantime, assuming you are in the UK, you are always going to be up against these!topicsummary, which make it difficult to get treatment even when, like you, you are symptomatic and antibodies are positive.

scalliondays Tue 27-Jun-17 13:45:12

Don't know if this applies to you but if you are considering trying to conceive you may have immune activity against any implanting embryo - you would want your tsh about 1.0 and to consider treatments such as steroids.

FrayedHem Tue 27-Jun-17 14:39:40

Thanks pleasemrstweedle I didn't realise there was an autoimmune board so I'll ask MNHQ to move it.

No plans to conceive but thanks for the info scalliondays.

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 27-Jun-17 14:59:45

Hi all,

We're just sending this over to the autoimmune topic at the OP's request.


FrayedHem Tue 27-Jun-17 16:47:10

Thank you LornaMumsnet

FurForPour Tue 27-Jun-17 19:29:41

Surely all were measured? Your GP can't refuse to give you your levels - it's your personal information, but I have been asked to write in before (making it a formal subject access request under DPA. I'd start there rather than more tests.

I was positive for antibodies before I had kids, and 10 years and 3 kids later I was diagnosed as underactive. I think now I should have been checked after each child, and was probably under active after the 2nd child (didn't cause probs conceiving or baby development though - was a 9 and a half pounder). But my energy levels were through the floor.

Can you see a different GP at your practice - I've stuck with the one most in line with my own approach.

FrayedHem Tue 27-Jun-17 19:45:08

Thanks for your reply. FurForPour
Thyroid related, It was just TSH and the TPO antibodies that were tested. They only test T3/T4 if the TSH is out of range. I'm going to go in and see if I can get a copy of my results, I don't think I was quite clear enough with the GP that I wanted the actual numbers, as she just kept explaining how the thyroid works and only the TSH matters. She is the better of the 2 there so I don't think there's much point seeing the other one, which is why I am considering some private tests.

This is the first time I've had the antibodies test, previously had the TSH tested which has always come back normal. I did manage to get the result last time which was 1.38 which is well within normal, but that was 2 years ago so it could have changed. I've not felt right since my youngest was born nearly 3 years ago, but I am really struggling to string a coherent sentence together atm.

Itsallgone Thu 29-Jun-17 20:59:41

You definitely should insist he at least tests FT4 as you have Hashimotos. High in range TSH with low FT4 would give you the symptoms you have. You'd be in a stronger position to ask for a trial of levothroxine. If you can afford £100 it would be good to get a full thyroid 11 test from blue horizon or other such company.

FrayedHem Fri 30-Jun-17 19:11:22

thanks itsallgone I think I'll get the private bloods done and see what they come back with and take it from there.

Okite Sun 09-Jul-17 18:50:44

I've got positive tests for antibodies too and tsh borderline normal/out of range (have had both private and NHS tests) and can't get any treatment. All the docs will agree to do is monitor yearly and wait for my results to get worse. hmm

Snog Tue 17-Oct-17 08:13:37

Okite I had to insist and see two GPs. They are v reluctant to prescribe if your TSH is in range or slightly out of range.
I recommend being very assertive with your gp and changing practice if necessary.
Being armed with knowledge and Blue horizon blood tests did help me.

Snog Tue 17-Oct-17 08:14:19

Basically if you are symptomatic then you need medication

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