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Another Hashimoto's one

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Ekphrasis Fri 23-Jun-17 15:43:23

That is a very high level of thyroxine, I guess not unheard of but might be worth asking if there's a conversion issue. If you don't mind me asking how much do you weigh? It's often weight related.

RubyRoseRing Fri 23-Jun-17 15:34:29

That's a thought, tb, l'll look into that. I'm planning to reread my thyroid books later.

tb Thu 22-Jun-17 20:01:08

There is always a possibility that your body can't convert the T4 to T3, so it's not able to process the T4 properly.

It could be worth asking for a trial of partial substitution by iodothyronine of some of your thyroxine. FWIW, I started out that way, and am now just taking T3 as my body can't process the other.

Sadly, my endo, who treats me and not my blood test results is in Limoges, so not much use to most people.

RubyRoseRing Mon 19-Jun-17 21:21:00

I've been on medication for this for around 10 years. Had it at least 8 years before that, but untreated. Last year I had blood test and had to increase by 25 mcgs after I'd been on a stable dose of 200 mcgs for quite a long time. Maybe 3 or so years. Anyway I forgot to go back to have it reviewed. I have monthly bloods done because of other AI conditions and the medication I am on for that. GP reminded me I needed thyroid checked as it had slipped my memory so I added that to last month's test. Today I spoke to GP and I am still under treated so am now going up again, to 250 mcgs. And will be tested again in 3 months.

That's all fine and in a sense I'm relieved as hadn't been feeling great - tiredness, brain fog etc. But that could be down to the other AI stuff as well. But when does a thyroid pack in completely and stop getting worse? I'd kind of assumed I was at peak dose, but clearly I am not. I've become menopausal in the last 2 years so suppose that might affect it?

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