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bassetmum Mon 19-Jun-17 09:38:19

Hey all. I have just been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. My free t4 was 63!!!! I am on carbimazole at 20mg once a day starting today. I have an urgent endocrinologist appointment next Monday. What should I expect from this appointment? How long do the meds start to work?

unavita Mon 19-Jun-17 10:41:12

As far as I can remember he checked my eyes, goitre (not really visible to untrained eye) asked some questions. Talked about how some people go into remission and some don't but they can't yet tell which people fall into which group or why,and how surgery or RAI are the only 'cure' Sent me for a scan to look for any nodules or whatever. Carbimazole went up and up and it was a little while before I began to have detectable TSH, and when all the levels were back in range it was a while more before I felt like myself again.

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