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Thyroid Result confusion

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TwuntingCrow Thu 08-Jun-17 16:54:36

I have just had my thyroid tested, due to experiencing complete inability to lost weight, pins and needles, and fatigue .. I already have three diagnosed AI diseases.. GP said Im fine but my results from a quick google look borderline....

Any ideas whether I should push my GP to pursue this further ?
T4 is 13.3 and TSH is 2.1

TwuntingCrow Thu 08-Jun-17 20:39:58

anyone ?

cupthejunction Thu 08-Jun-17 20:46:41

They are very reticent to diagnose or treat thyroid problems. A friend of mine had a very radical Dr who prescribed the drugs she needed but he was then struck off.
She now buys the drugs illegally from Greece.
Read up on it and be prepared for a battle.

Inbetweenus Thu 08-Jun-17 21:40:53

Umm. You need futher tests which you GP might do if you request. Otherwise, If you can afford it (£90), you could have a full thyroid check with horizon medical or similar. With those symtons, you need to know your iron, vit d, b12, folate and ft3. Maje sure you get a print of the results. You current results show your thyroid is struggling. Were you tested for Hashimotos antibodies? Your TSH is highest first thing before eating. Later in the day it is lower so time of test has some effect on result.

TwuntingCrow Fri 09-Jun-17 09:41:08

thank you both..your responses chime with what I had seen and read... I thought Hashimotos is likely.. Right, will get another blood test done... Can Horizon medical check for Hashimotos or does that have to be done by the GP?

Inbetweenus Fri 09-Jun-17 10:18:50

I think the horizon 11 does antibodies too. They definately offer thst test included in the full thyroid test. Sometimes it's just easier to do it thst way than fight over it with the GP!

Okite Sun 11-Jun-17 12:18:13

I've had a private blood test which IMO indicates hashimotos (raised tsh and raised antibodies) and I still can't get the GP or endo to acknowledge that it might be that. The endo said she wouldn't treat unless my blood test results were much worse, so I'm in the stupid position of wishing to get worse so I can actually start treatment.

Itsallgone Sun 11-Jun-17 12:37:39

Maybe get a second opinion? Thyroid UK gave me a list of endos. I'm now treated by symptoms rather than (only just in range)blood results. It means my thyroid won't be totally distroyed for many years. It's much better to support a poorly performing thyroid than let it destroy itself before treating. Unfortunately many medics let people struggle on for years while their thyroid is obviously failing 🙁

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