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Skin and lung symptoms, but "sub-clinical"... come back when you're sicker?!

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lborgia Wed 17-May-17 08:10:16

So glad to see this forum up and running - must be 2 years since I first put in a request, so presumably lots of other people have been talking about it too.

My symptoms wax and wane over hte years (sp?!), but a couple of years ago I was very unwell with asthma type symptoms that came on after a rash/itching top-to-toe ... this happened over and over again, often triggered by a cold/virus.

My markers went up gradually over 5 years, and were highest at the point when all these symptoms came up. Got pneumonia, and ended up on puffers, oral steroids, all sorts.

I was offered plaquenil, but in the end the side effects were worse than the original problem - so decided to leave it until it was the best option.

Meanwhile, I was tested for tons of stuff, and the only big change I made was taking large doses of Vit D3 as I was deficient.

I had a year of more or less no "attacks" and then this year it feels as if it's slowly coming back ... rashes, itching.. wheezing etc etc.. and realised I'd stopped taking the D3. No idea if there's a correlation, but back on the vitamin before I do anything else.

My parents both have auto-immune problems so am assuming its a matter of when not if.

Will go back now and look at the other posts.

PowerPantsRule Mon 05-Jun-17 08:13:50

Look into Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Are you hypermobile - look into Ehlers Danlos too - there is a link...

redannie118 Mon 05-Jun-17 20:20:51

Is your skin tightening or thickening?pains in your joints esp your hands? Scleroderma can present with lung problems first

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