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Au pair from US

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TheReferoo Thu 26-Oct-17 18:18:19

Hi - I’m looking to recruit an au pair.l and have found a lovely American girl. But she mentioned that a visa will only allow her to work in the uk for 6 months (and I think not technically ‘work’ in an official way). Can anyone advise on this as I can’t seem to find clear info and want to make sure both of us are going about this in the right way! Thanks

underneaththeash Sat 28-Oct-17 21:58:01

No, US citizens can't legally au pair in the UK.

xyzandabc Sat 28-Oct-17 22:17:48

US citizens can't come to the UK as au pairs.

They could get a student visa and work as an au pair alongside their studies but they would have to prove their enrollment on a suitable course and why they wanted to study that particular course and actually attend the course.

I wouldn't touch a US au pair with a barge pole. Chances are even if they got to the UK, unless they are very good at lying, they would be turned back upon arrival at immigration.

Some non EU citizens can be au pairs on Youth Mobility Visas but that's not available to US citizens.

Find someone else from the EU or with the right to work as an au pair in the UK whilst improving their language skills.

underneaththeash Sun 29-Oct-17 01:29:36

Even on a student visa to work 20 hours it would need to be a degree level course...find a different one!

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