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Au pair plus no longer exists?

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MiddleAgedMother Thu 26-Oct-17 17:40:59

Just had an email from the au pair agency with changes to the British Au Pair Programme.

Going forward the maximum hours will be 30 hours a week including babysitting.

We have been having Au Pair pluses - 35 hours a week, no baby sitting.
Minimal light housework plus dog walking and School runs. Likely doesn’t take 35 hours in term time but gives us flexibility with activities pick up etc if either myself or DH are both stuck at work anytime. (Normally we juggle so one of us is home at a reasonable hour.)

Anyone else seen these changes?

We don’t need a nanny - had them for years when DC were younger - they’d be bored stuff during the day!

Anyone else in this position and what are you going to do next year?

Messgalore Thu 26-Oct-17 23:52:58

We have been sent this too - we will stick to the recommended lower hours I think. So few candidates out there now that I don't think people will come for ap plus anyway?

ElizabethShaw Fri 27-Oct-17 10:19:25

Is there such a thing as a "British Au Pair Programme"? Surely they are either EU citizens or come on a youth mobility visa and don't qualify for minimum wage as they live as part of a family. The gov.UK website has always given the example of around 30 hours a week for around £75-80 - it doesn't say you can't agree more hours for more money.

Pengggwn Fri 27-Oct-17 14:30:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MiddleAgedMother Fri 27-Oct-17 14:45:32

Meggsgalore, not sure really as London is expensive so I think our au pair appreciates the extra cash - especially as the hours are generally much less anyway apart from holidays.
Some of ours is dog walking too so the ones who loves dogs and exercise love doing it anyway!
30 is difficult as we sometimes need the extra but will review and see if we can cut back. I suppose we could pay over time when it does go over subject to staying below the tax/ni rates.
I sort of feel better having the extra hours built in though and then they also don’t feel like we count the minutes!!

underneaththeash Sat 28-Oct-17 21:55:43

The BAPAA has no legal standing. Just use au pair world and specify the hours you want. Most roles on au pair world are at least 25 + babysitting anyway.

blackteasplease Mon 13-Nov-17 08:41:21

I haven't heard this so will have to go and research. We always have "au pair plus " through an agency. It's pegged as 35 hrs for £120 pw. Hardly any of that is housework. The hours we set out at the start actually add up to 30 but I like to leave some wiggle room in case I'm back late from work sometimes, and I make it clear that's the case.

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