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Would I get an au pair if I don't live in a city?

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Eilasor Wed 11-Oct-17 13:07:00

Would they be interested in living somewhere other than London/major city? Or is it not really worth trying and I should just look for other options?

We live in the relative countryside, a village a short bus ride outside of a large town which is in easy distance to many places by train (Birmingham, Chester, Manchester, Aberystwyth within an hour, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff within 2). The town has a nightclub and lots of nice bars/pubs/cafes, lots of schools/colleges as well as a university centre. I think it's an OK place to be a young adult, but I don't think I'd choose here if I was an au pair. Don't know if anyone has had any different experiences, though.

I au paired myself at 18 (I started at 17, actually which I'm sure is illegal) and refused to go anywhere other than a major city but I was a bit of an arse.

relevantstuff Sun 15-Oct-17 09:22:52

We are in a similar situation to you I think, though we don't have a regular bus service! It certainly put off a lot of potential au pairs but there'll always be someone who'll prefer the countryside. Good luck!

underneaththeash Sun 15-Oct-17 13:36:11

It costs nothing to put an ad on au pair world, though you do have to pay when you reply to someone's message.

As long as you offer a mode of transport, preferably use of a car, you shouldn't find it too difficult to find someone.

LynetteScavo Sun 15-Oct-17 16:43:09

Aged 18 I was an au pair in the was a couple of miles from a large village (swimming pool and library) and then a tram ride to the nearest small city. I enjoyed it, but there was a lack of other au pairs to meet up with.

I'm sure there must be someone who would be happy not to be in a city.

roses2 Mon 16-Oct-17 13:39:33

I'd say if you offer good money (£100/week +) then you'll definitely get interest.

Eilasor Tue 17-Oct-17 10:22:41

Thanks for the responses! I've been trying to work out if it's a reasonable option for us, but I'm going to give it a go.

There aren't many au pairs nearby, but there are a lot of young people and activities at least in the town nearby.

Thanks again, I'm a bit nervous quite excited to start looking now!

ElizabethShaw Wed 18-Oct-17 20:29:20

I live in a small town and have had no trouble getting an au pair. Didn't offer lots of money or a car either.

SouthPole Wed 18-Oct-17 20:42:48

We offer good wages and a car and have the best au pair ever.

It's all luck tho!

Go via au pair world.

surlycurly Sun 14-Jan-18 10:31:12

I lived very rurally and had several friends with au pairs. I now live in a town and am in au pair No5. I think you should target an au pair who has lived rurally already as they will be happy with that kind of environment. Au pair world let's you specify but I also found we got lots of applications from people who said they wanted to be in London. It depends on the person. Good luck

Pamsmooth Tue 23-Jan-18 10:11:39

We are looking for it First AuPair, in a rural setting West Midlands. We are going to be offering a car, but wondering if you have any advice about the costs of insuring an AuPair???? It would be a small car, Polo or similar, but if it’s going to cost £3K+ to insure them, I’m worried we’re making a bigger financial commitment than sending LO to Childcare.
Thanks for any advice, we need an Aupair from May and I am starting to panic a bit!!!!!

underneaththeash Wed 24-Jan-18 16:39:36

We've found as long as we stick to over 22 year olds, who have been driving for at least 4 years then the additional insurance is minimal we use Admiral multicar.

BoilYerHeid Wed 24-Jan-18 16:44:56

I've been wondering this too - I live in a commuter town to a large city and don't know anyone locally who has an au pair. It's made me wonder if we'll be able to get one when we do want one even though we are in a good location and have an ideal house for it.

If we moved back to the city I don't think we'd be able to buy somewhere with the space for an au pair unless we upped our budget by approx £1m... shock

Pamsmooth Thu 25-Jan-18 11:38:30

Thanks for the advice!
We will keep our fingers crossed we find someone who likes the look of our wee family.

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