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First sewing attempt in a while

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Rochelaise18 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:31:15

I haven't done any sewing for a long time. I used to be pretty good with it at school, but stopped for a number of years. I decided to get back into it a while back after finding some fabric I'd bought and forgotten about. I had a think about what to do and decided on something simple to get myself back into it. So I made a small cushion. Think I need a bit more practice.

DinosaursWouldEatYou Wed 03-Jul-19 17:11:29

That looks fantastic, hand stitch or sewing machine? I'm attempting to make a cushion for my daughter's room using quilting patches.

Frenchfancy Wed 03-Jul-19 17:14:47

Good place to start, and that fabric looks slippery which doesn't make the job easier!

Rochelaise18 Sun 28-Jul-19 04:08:00

@Frenchfancy it was. I seem to have a habit of, when not sewing with cotton, finding really slippy fabrics to sew with! But I like the feel of satin and velvets, so...
@DinosaursWouldEatYou it was with a sewing machine. I was mainly trying to see if it was good for sewing the likes of satin. There was a lot of swearing involved as it was a vintage machine without a manual and I had to download one just to find out how to insert the bobbin once threaded.
I now have a new machine (still use the vintage for sewing some cotton items) and made a few velvet cushions with the new one:

cakeandchampagne Sun 28-Jul-19 04:18:13

“There was a lot of swearing involved....” smile
They look great! Enjoy the sewing (again)- and the fabric shopping!

BitOfFun Sun 28-Jul-19 04:21:17

Ooh yes- fabric shopping is the best!

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