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Has anyone made Janie Crow's Sunshine and Showers crocheted blanket?

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MollyHuaCha Sun 12-Aug-18 09:28:03

I'm thinking of making this blanket - it looks gorgeous!

I'm fairly new to crochet, so I know it will be a challenge.

I just wondered how anyone found making it?

Twork Mon 29-Oct-18 20:54:36
Reviews and pictures of the ones people have made are here.

MollyHuaCha Wed 31-Oct-18 17:46:04

@Twork Thanks for the link! Aren't they gorgeous.

AsMuchUseAsAMarzipanDildo Wed 31-Oct-18 17:48:31

Ahhh those colours are beautiful together. I’ve not made it, but have done a few crochet projects. The beauty of crochet (unlike knitting) is that at least if you make a mistake you can easily unravel and fix it. Looks like a lovely cosy evening project.

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