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Can you give any feedback on my DD's artwork?

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athingthateveryoneneeds Mon 05-Feb-18 19:06:59

She's 15 this year and loves drawing. She can bash out a picture like this in a few minutes - including all the colouring/shading/blending. It's amazing.

She plans to be a graphic designer, but for now she's opened an Etsy shop. grin

Any artists on here that can give any feedback?

Whatchoodoin Thu 08-Feb-18 17:37:44

I’m a clay artist so really can’t give feedback from that perspective, but just wanted to say she’s got talent and should be very proud of her work as it’s fab! I can’t draw to save my life. But she has really got it! Xx

GraceLeeper Mon 30-Apr-18 09:01:13

Amazing artwork! You must be very proud of your dd. She has the talent!

Kezzie200 Thu 05-Jul-18 18:54:27

Is she 5 or 15?

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 05-Jul-18 18:57:15

On a personal note I think they’re terrifying. But definitely well executed! She’s great, wish I could draw.

adoggymama Thu 05-Jul-18 19:04:31

So cute! smile graphic design sounds like a fun career- her drawings would be great in animation or comics though! Maybe ask her if that's something she's interested in.

FrogPie Thu 05-Jul-18 19:17:43

I know who that is - it’s Sans and Papyrus from Undertale, isn’t it? smile (love Undertale!)
If I’ve recognised it, she must have talent grin There was a thread on here a couple of weeks ago about a similar thing - OPs daughter was a brilliant artist, had taken gcse art and op was asking what to do to go further. IIRC the consensus was that Etsy is a bit too... formal, too much for a young artist, very competitive. A lot of people make money on Etsy but it’s not instant success. Please don’t tell her this, I don’t mean it horribly!!! It’s just that Etsy may not work out so well for her if she’s expecting the instant success iyswim?

Has she tried posting on tumblr? I’m just thinking - perhaps if she builds up some sort of name for herself, a little brand called, I don’t know, AThingsDD Artwork, by posting her work on tumblr, Instagram, she’ll transition to Etsy easily.

Or perhaps - has she got a deviantART account? I suggested this on the previous thread - promise I’m not an employee haha - but deviantART is great for young artists like her, and covers a whole range of artwork. Means she can be influenced and work with other styles too. It’s a website where users can submit their art, and get critiques and commissions if possible. Plus, for example, she can join ‘groups’ - so say she posts a picture of Sans from Undertale on deviantART, she can search for an Undertale group on the site, add it to the group and get more exposure/make friends. I think there is a ‘paid prints’ section too where she can charge people to buy her work but I’ve not worked with that. Admittedly there are some nude/pornographic images from time to time BUT these can be filtered out completely with the mature content filter.

All in all... amazing work, tell her she should be proud of herself smile

HughLauriesStubble Thu 05-Jul-18 19:43:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RaininSummer Thu 05-Jul-18 19:45:46

Graphic design also needs brilliant IT skills these days so hopefully she enjoys that kind of thing too.

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