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Fail-ish - Caution for language

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Gingernaut Mon 11-Dec-17 21:41:52

I'm quite good at cross stitch and have a small collection of photos and photocopies of my work, which I laughingly refer to as 'my portfolio'.

However, I lost my cross stitch mojo a long time ago.

I started projects of ever decreasing size before making a mistake, gettibg fed up, leaving them and starting something even smaller.

I ended up doing a free gift Christmas card with a small aperture cut into the card to fit around the finished thing.

I almost sweated blood over the fucking thing.

I have recently joined a group of crafters in an adult education setting, so I found my little fella and started him up again.

I miscounted every step of the fucking way.

Being so small, even one stitch wrong would be noticable, so I ended up unpicking everything I started.

5 hours this thing was supposed to have taken..


Try twenty.

But I finished it.

I washed it.

I ironed it.

And then I couldn't work out why the card aperture didn't fit around the embroidery.
I thought it was my fault. The thing had stretched. I had somehow deformed it.
But no.
The aperture was stamped the wrong way up. fangry

Merry fucking Christmas. fsad

Bah humbug. fblush

TheWoollybacksWife Mon 11-Dec-17 21:54:36


That's a really cute design though. Have you got a plain aperture card you can mount it in? It would be a shame to let all your hard work be spoiled by someone else's cock-up.

I sweated blood over some wrist warmers that I knitted for DS' teacher a couple of years ago. They were in 1 ply Shetland wool that cost a bomb and I used a complicated lace pattern. The first one was great but the second one was knitted 'upside down' and the cast off edge was too tight to get my hand through. Four times I undid it and remade it until it fitted. DS gave them to his teacher only for me to find out at parents evening that she is allergic to wool and has been unable to wear them.

PeaceLoveAndDixie Mon 11-Dec-17 22:01:18

Can you buy another kit? With one the right way round? grin

Gingernaut Mon 11-Dec-17 22:10:26

The kit came from a magazine years ago.

There's no alternative but to buy a cardto go with it.

Something red and festive probably. fangry

Aww TheWoollybacksWife. That's even more shit thsn my little enterprise. At least I can 'cover' the mistake.

1 ply wool???

Gingernaut Sat 13-Jan-18 18:46:12

I found an ice blue, oval aperture card and sent it to someone who I had previously sent the pictures at the top of the thread to, having explained in my email what had happened.

Minus the bad language of course. blush

She sent an email back thanking me for the beautiful card. blush

Done. Dusted. On to next project.

I still feel ridiculously pleased with it though....blushblushblush

NoseyParrot Fri 08-Feb-19 06:28:36

It's a pretty old thread, I know, I know, I just couldn't help myself...
This cracked me up, really grin uhh so good to start a day with a good laugh

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