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Free/low cost activities I can do with DC to cheer us all up?

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stirling Fri 13-Oct-17 23:13:27

Kids and I have been going through a rough time this year with their dad moving out and being abusive.
I've tried to create some happy times for the 3 of us, but often lack energy.

Any suggestions for things I can do at home with them that won't cost much, and are easy to follow? I can't knit/sew etc and I'm not very crafty but will try to learn something if you recommend it.
So far we: do origami (with Ds 12) and colouring (with DD 10), have movie nights and play a few board games.

Sadly, I used to be a primary school teacher about 20 years ago. I loved being creative with my pupils. I've forgotten every single activity /lesson and simply turned into a boring mum. Which doesn't help the (at times) sombre atmosphere at home.

Any simple suggestions.?
Thanks in advance
Also posting in another board

BackforGood Fri 13-Oct-17 23:28:15

well, it's not arts and crafts but I always feel better for getting outside.
I love this time of year for walks - will they go out and walk with you ? Visit woods ? Ramble ? Hill walk? Country parks ? Geo-caching ?

Our local park rangers put on lots of stuff like building bat boxes, or information about protecting hedgehogs , or just scarecrow making (or making guys for bonfires).

Inside making stuff I'd do with food - get them learning how to make meals.

stirling Fri 13-Oct-17 23:36:16

Yes thank you. Forgot to mention I take them out for long walks in Trent Park...
Learning to cook good idea...

Skinandbones Fri 13-Oct-17 23:36:54

Hi, I make jewellery and have lots of bits if you were to message me your address I will pack some up and send it off to you, if that ok. A try to see if you all like dabbling.

FusionChefGeoff Fri 13-Oct-17 23:38:12

Pinterest is your friend!

Pick a topic then browse (with DC) for inspiration, decide what you fancy making and away you go.

BzyB Fri 13-Oct-17 23:38:49

Not arts and crafts but I love cooking with my eldest. esp if something a bit more involved! Or baking 3 small cakes and each person has to decorate it based on a theme?

Christobel51 Sat 14-Oct-17 08:59:08

There is a new craze round here which is that people have been painting small stones and then hiding them in local parks for others to find! The stones can be painted want colour or pattern and there have been some really creative ones. You can then either keep them, or re hide them. There is a Facebook group so people take pictures of their stones and state where they will be hidden. And then people come on and say where they've found them, with pictures of their children holding the stones they've found! Our local group is called Wokingham Rocks but there are other groups too. That would combine art and fresh air!
You could also start making your own Christmas cards..... Just basic card, some stencils and maybe spray paint, or some stickers and ribbon? Could make quite a stash by Christmas and I love receiving a handmade card. 🎄🎅🏻☃

stirling Sat 14-Oct-17 12:44:07

Some really lovely suggestions here - thank you! Skinandbones, I'm so touched that's very kind of you. I'll do that. A big thank you

Jayfee Sat 14-Oct-17 12:47:18

It's cooking for me..simple stuff like shortbread 3:2:1, rock cakes, choc banana all in one....has to be quick and easy (tbh i cook like a child)!

Babypythagorus Sat 14-Oct-17 12:58:36

Make pizza! Ridiculously easy to make dough, fun for kids to knead it, leave it somewhere warm while you chop and cook tomatoes for a sauce, then shove yummy things on it (in a weird pattern/picture) and cook it, then eat with a movie.

clairethewitch70 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:24:09

Make some crafts for Christmas. Potato print some paper for wrapping gifts. Make gift tags out of old Christmas cards. On Stir it Sunday, make a Christmas cake or pudding. Make Christmas cards. Paper chains. Christmas tree decorations. Pinterest is your friend.

The Works and Hobbycraft sell Childrens Christmas kits with things to make out of felt etc for just a few pounds.

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