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Software to make my own prints

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mumofzach Tue 30-May-17 08:51:03


I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I'd like to make some nice prints for my house very much like the ones people sell on Instagram and Etsy but don't know how people get the graphics on? Is it software that I would have to buy or something else. I have put a picture below to something similar I would like to make for my home. Any advice would be appreciated!



Lucisky Sun 23-Jul-17 10:33:13

Hi, I know you posted this some time ago, but.... I have got a programme made by Serif (comes on a disc) that I use for card making. It's all drag and drop and you can certainly make pictures like the one you have illustrated. Have a look on amazon. I can't remember what it's actually called, but it was about £60 if I remember correctly. It will allow you to do very large designs, but of couse you will be limited by your printer, mine will do a max of a4, which is fine for cards.

Lucisky Sun 23-Jul-17 11:06:10

I've just had a look and it is Serif Craft Artist, and the one I have got is currently around £23 on Amazon (I have had it quite a few years now).
Hope this helps.

inappropriateraspberry Sun 23-Jul-17 11:13:52

There are a few websites that allow this kind of thing. have loads of templates and can be edited. printable cards and invites, but some can be adapted to prints. They have some pretty designs.
I've used both to make posters and prints.

singingpinkmonkey Sat 29-Jul-17 07:04:13

Thanks so much for your replies!

I will look into both of your suggestions - very helpful smile


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